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Our Mission

The crew here at Lieurance Designs enjoy a variety of different types of art and artistry. Color, light and sound that speak to your heart and elicit your emotions. Our passion as a couple is to encourage and help women discover their true beauty and self worth. Too many women struggle with physical insecurities. They feel inadequate compared to popular media, they don’t feel beautiful or sexy due to neglect, abuse or simply the high bar set by others. We would be thrilled to help you see yourself in the best way, with all the aides received by the super models that grace the magazine covers, we will help you see yourself in the beauty and grace in which others truly see you. We will study your natural smile, and your best assets, and we will make you shine. If you want to show your sexy side to your husband…lets do a shoot, you want to document a great body transformation…lets show that off, you want to celebrate a milestone in your life, we will work with you and present you in the best light possible. Our team loves people and are advocates of cultivating strong beautiful woman. The woman was the crowning jewel of creation, the last thing God made, the cherry on top of creation. Women are mysteriously beautiful for a reason, let us help you discover your inner diva and present you with beautiful classy images that will radiate your beauty and passion for life.

I am a photographer based in Tomball, TX., a suburb of Houston. I have been married to my awesome wife of over 27 years, and am the father of three beautiful grown daughters. I enjoy photographing unique portrait, fantasy, pinup and boudoir as well as concerts, event setups and architecture. I have been passionate about art since childhood, but am also an engineer at heart. I consider myself a technical artist. I revel in learning a skill to the point where I am free to be an artist with it. I especially love light and how it can be manipulated and captured through a lens to please the eye.

Custom furniture, cooking, painting, scenic design and welding, are all enjoyable crafts that combine the technical with the artistic. In our generation of high paced, technically enhanced lifestyles, it is a treat to do a physical, mental and artistic task and call it a “craft”. We employ old world thinking with modern tools, to provide you with exceptional images, tailored to you and crafted with passion.



Wife, lover, mother and artisan.  She is a writer, designer, seamstress, and musician.  She is a dreamer with an artistic soul that fancies the whimsical and romantic.  She is passionate about people with a heart for those in need.   Adana is able to see beauty in the world around her and understands the importance of capturing it.

Adana holds the credence that a woman’s true beauty is in her heart and soul.   Many cultures believe to take a photograph is to capture the soul.   Figuratively, this is Adana’s aim. To help reveal and capture the true beauty of a women.

Adana has had the privilege of traveling to many places in the world, and has seen countless women of various nationalities struggle with their self image.  She believes that God created every woman beautiful, and has been inspired to help them see their beauty through different eyes.  Photography is just one of her tools in achieving this goal.

Adana loves to create.  From the art of baking, fashion design, music and lyrics, painting, and photography.   Her heart thrives in artistic atmospheres and revels in creative moments.  She has an incredible eye for detail and an intuitive approach to minding the details that make images pleasing to the eye.   Adana is able to apply her creative talents to our canvas, making each photo shoot unique and beautiful for every woman.

Her dream is to change the world but for me she already has.


Phone: 619-857-6134