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Boudoir Session FAQ

Boudoir –

A woman’s dressing room, bedroom or private sitting room. Derived from the french word “bouder” meaning to pout. A Boudoir Photo Session is a fun sexy photoshoot that provides gorgeous, intimate images that make a woman feel beautiful and glamorous. Your boudoir session will provide you with tasteful, intimate portraits, that you can not get with an ordinary photo session.

Why do a Boudoir shoot? 

A bridal boudoir shoot makes a wonderful wedding night gift for your husband.

It is a photographic treasure for those deployed overseas. It makes a  wonderful anniversary, Valentine’s or birthday gift.

It makes a lovely private photographic journal, immortalizing a specific part of your journey through life or the achievement of a weight loss or workout goal.

Isn’t it about time to put the sexy lingerie that is hiding in your closet to good use?

You will enjoy the fun, sexy, liberating experience of letting your inner diva shine.

What to expect.

Every person has their own idea at what sexy is, as well as what they are comfortable with. These sessions are cute, fun, sexy, flirty and even a bit sensual, all the while maintaining your comfort level. You don’t have to take your clothes off to be sexy. Clothed, partially clothed and hinted nudity can all be sexy. To enhance your experience we will provide a professional, licensed hair and makeup artist to help bring out your best. Most shoots last a couple of hours plus the time it takes for hair and makeup, in that time we will be able to shoot three or four outfit changes, insuring that we find what compliments you best.

What clothing should I bring?

Only you know what makes you feel sexy but should you need some inspiration here are some suggestions. Obviously sexy starts with great lingerie, corsets, stockings, bras and panties, or perhaps a mens dress shirt, booty shorts, denim shorts, a light pull over sweater or a tank top. The idea is to have a fun time that makes you look sexy. Sometimes all you need, is to be wrapped in a sheet.

Don’t forget to bring sexy shoes, jewelry (larger jewelry like pearls or costume jewelry often photograph better) and hair adornments or perhaps a scarf or a men’s tie.

Most importantly bring a good sense of who you are and our team will make you shine.

How much should I plan on spending?

Our standard package is $950. It includes professional hair and makeup, our wonderful team of ladies to help primp and pose, and a three hour time block (averaging three to four outfit changes, of which one outfit can be a sheet). The standard package includes a 10 page black leather bound book with 25 retouched images.

Prints, framed art prints, gallery wraps and other products are available and can be discussed when you come for your image review.